Rina Evasoa




Permanent member


Faculty of Sciences, Technology and Environnement (FSTE) University of Mahajanga / NGO RENIALA

Researcher at the Faculty of Sciences, Technology and Environnement  (FSTE) University of Mahajanga, Madagascar. Director at the Lemur Rescue Center(LRC) at RENIALA, Mangily, Tuléar, and Environmental responsible at NGO RENIALA.

Rina received her PhD, entittled « The evolution of the sociale dominance in mouse lemurs (Microcebus spp.) from  North-west to North of Madagascar : the effect of sex and  species on social interaction » at the University of Institute of Zoology, University of Medecine Vetirinary of Hannover, Germany.She is a working on the reintroduction of lemur catta at the Reniala Reserve. Lemur catta is an endemic species,  which is classified as a threatned species by the IUCN Red list.

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