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Ikala STEM Small Grants FAQ

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

1- How do I know if I am eligible for Ikala STEM Small Grants?

Ikala STEM Small Grant is open to these categories of persons:

- Must be associated with Ikala STEM in any capacity, registered as a member, permanent member, or “friend” of Ikala STEM for at least 6 months.

- Malagasy student enrolled in a university in Madagascar,

- Malagasy researcher with ongoing research within a university or research institution [based in Madagascar]

- Malagasy student or researcher attending a conference

- Malagasy student enrolled in a university at Master and Ph.D. levels and their equivalent, finishing a thesis

2- I am enrolled/doing research related to science, is it eligible under the STEM category?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Check your eligibility at Ikala STEM website [MG - FR - EN]

3- What do I need to provide in my application for being considered?

Each candidate must refer to the details in the call for application at Ikala STEM website [MG - FR - EN]

4- Who should write my recommendation letter?

Your reference letter should be written by someone who is familiar with your work. Make sure that the sender follows the instructions on the website

5- If I get funded, what is the grant timeline?

It depends on the type of funding awarded to you.

If you applied for travel funding, your funding must only be used for that specific program you mentioned in your application, and you should provide to Ikala STEM USA Chapter a written report about your use of money, the experience you gained during the travel, etc.

If you applied for dissertation funding, you must complete writing and defending your thesis the same year as you apply for the funding, otherwise, you will be asked for reimbursement (unless special circumstances).

If you applied for research, the deadline may vary depending on your research, but we expect you to comply with the tentative timeline you outlined in your application.

6- What can I use the money for?

a. Research

This can be used to pay for local transportation to field sites, purchase of materials and supplies, salary for field guides, park entrance fees, research permit fees,s and lab fees. It cannot be used to pay for university fees, tuition, and a personal stipend.

b. Dissertation

This category is intended to pay for the expenses related to dissertation writing-up and editing phases, for master’s and doctoral degrees (and their equivalents); this includes photocopying documents, editing, and printing.

7- When do I receive notification of approval?

All applicants will be notified by May 31, 2022.

8- Is there a budget template that I must follow?

No, there is no specific template for the budget but the budget description must comply with the type of grant application, and the amount must not exceed the maximum allowed (i.e. 800 USD for Research, and 200 USD for Dissertation). Please note that you are required to write a report about your use of the funds with all receipts as proof.

9- If I am attributed a grant, do I have to report to Ikala STEM?

Yes. You are required to write a technical and financial report for Ikala STEM upon completion of the project.

10- How is my application reviewed?

Each application will be reviewed by an external reviewer committee, composed of experts within your specific discipline and from across the STEM fields

11- I am Malagasy, but I am based in an institution outside of Madagascar; am I eligible?

No, this grant is opened only to those who are enrolled in an institution in Madagascar.

12- Will I be paid in USD or Malagasy Ariary?

Each award will be in Malagasy Ariary. We will notify you of the total amount awarded if your application is approved.

13- How will I receive payment?

Ikala STEM will write you a check. We will give you instructions on where to pick it up in the offer letter if your application is approved.

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