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Coordinator (Europe), Permanent member


University of Konstanz, Germany


Mialy is an ecologist interested in topics related to global change and novel communities. She is currently the PI in a project on the role of phylogeny and trait similarity in the formation of novel pollination mutualisms. Her further work includes the importance of nocturnal and diurnal plant-pollinator interactions, the distribution of plant reproductive traits, the consequences of climate change on plant distribution and reproduction. She also has ongoing interdisciplinary collaborations on global change and disability, and on cultural ecosystem services and human wellbeing in Madagascar.

Mialy got her PhD at the University of Konstanz with a dissertation on the role of reproductive traits in plant invasions. She was a member of the International Max Planck Research School for Organismal Biology.

Mialy has won different awards, including a large grant funded by the German Science Foundation.

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