Hitanao etsy ambany ireo fanontaniana amin'ny teny Malagasy.

Frequently asked questions

What is Ikala STEM?

Ikala STEM (or Malagasy Women in Science-Techonology-Engineering-Mathematics) is a women-led non-profit association with a mission to promote education and science in Madagascar. The meaning of the name Ikala STEM is also developed here.

Who can be a member of Ikala STEM?

Ikala STEM is open to all genders. Please refer to the existing types of membership detailed here.

Is it only for girls / women?

Membership is open to all men and women who wish to associate with the objectives of Ikala STEM. Different types of membership are detailed here.

Is it only for STEM-oriented peaople?

You don't have to be a scientist to promote education. Membership is open to all person with all different specialities. In particular, permanent membership is open to engineers and health scientists. We aim to share our knowledge and help kids and youth on divers manner.

Is it only for Malagasy residents / citizens?

We are a very friendly association, anyone is welcome to join regardless of your ethnicity, residency and citizenship. You can join us as a friend or a benefactor member.

Who should I contact if I want to become a member?

If you wish to join the crew, drop us an email and we will link you to the appropriate contact person depending on which country you are based in. You can also contact any member that you know.

Does Ikala STEM offer any scholarship?

We do NOT offer scholarship. But we compile a list of possible STEM-oriented opportunities and will post it for you on our website, this way it is more easier for you to keep track and to know which ones are trustworthy.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

The association is about voluntarism. Being part of us will give you the opportunity to share your skills, to experience the art of volunteering, to expand your network and to build a better country for the future. In addition to our annual skill-based training workshop (IAW), our mentorship program aimed to encourage and assist members in different aspects of their career is also running now.

Can't find what you are looking for?

Do not hesitate to contact us directly at ikalastem[at]gmail[dot]com or using the form here if your question was not addressed in this FAQ.

Fanontaniana sy Valiny

Inona moa ny Ikala STEM ?

Ikala STEM dia fikambanana iandraiketan'ny vehivavy siantifika Malagasy maromaro, tsy mitady tombony, manandratra ny fanabeazana sy ny lalam-piofanana Siansa st Teknolojia eto Madagasikara.

Iza no afaka miditra ho mpikambana ao amin'ny Ikala STEM ?

Ny olona rehetra mitovy tarigetra aminay dia afaka miditra ho mpikambana ao amin'ny Ikala STEM. Azonao jerena ato karazana sehatra hahafahanao miditra ho mpikambana.

Ny vehivavy ihany ve no afaka miditra ho mpikambana ao amin’ny Ikala STEM ?

Afaka miditra ho mpikambana avokoa na lahy na vavy rehefa mitovy tarigetra amin'ny WiseMada. Azonao jerena ato ny sehatra hahafahanao miditra ho mpikambana sy miara-miasa aminay.

Natokana ho an’ireo nandalo lalam-piofanana Siansa ihany ve ny Ikala STEM ?

Tsy ny Siantifika ihany no afaka mivoy ny fanabeazana. Afaka miditra ho mpikambana sy miara-miasa aminay araka izany ny olona rehetra, rehefa vonona hifampizara ny traikefany.

Tsy maintsy Malagasy ary monina ao Madagasikara ve aho raha te ho mpikambana ?

Tsy mifidy tany niaviana sy honenana ny Ikala STEM.

Iza ary no atonina raha maniry hiditra ho mpikambana ?

Aza misalasala manoratra aminay raha maniry hiditra ho mpikambana ianao, na miresaka amin’ny mpikambana fantatrao, mba hahafahanay mampifandray amin’ireo mpikambana any amin’ny firenena misy anao.

Manome vatsim-pianarana ve ny Ikala STEM ?

Amin’izao fotoana izao dia tsy manome vatsim-pianarana ny Ikala STEM. Miezaka kosa nefa izahay mizara ireo vatsim-pianarana na atrikasa mba ho fampahafantarana ireo tanora Malagasy.

Inona no tombony azoko raha miditra ho mpikambana ?

Asa an-tsitra-po no atoan’ny Ikala STEM. Manome sehatra ho anao izahay araka izany hizaranao ny traikefa anananao. Mampitombo ny fifandraisanao sy ny fiaraha-miasa amin’ireo Siantifika Malagasy ihany koa izahay araka izany. Hitanao ao amin'ny News Room ny vaovao mikasika ny Ankaotra ny atrikasa karakarainay isan-taona (IAW), sy ny mentoring program izay sehatra hifanampiana sy hifampizarana traikefa amin'ireo tanora manaraka ny lalam-piofanana STEM.

Mbola misy fanontaniana tianao apetraka ?

Raha tsy voavaly eto amin'ity pejy ity ny fanontanianao, dia aza misalasala manoratra mivantana aminay, ato amin'ny mailaka ikalastem[at]gmail[dot]com .