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Essay contest announcement

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

(Trouver ici la version Francaise de cette announce.)

To mark the celebration of the international day of the girls and women in Science, Ikala STEM is organizing an Essay Contest for high schools and University students based in Madagascar. The contest will benefit both the participants, and Ikala STEM. For the participants, this will provide an opportunity to express openly their ideas on how they see women involved in STEM. They will be able to share the challenges that, they think, are holding Malagasy women back in pursuing their career in STEM. The contest will also give the students an opportunity to demonstrate their critical thinking and writing skills. For Ikala STEM, opinions from the contest will bring new insights on the role the association should be playing to empower the next generation of Malagasy Women in Science.

In addition to the submission procedure detailed below, the full terms and conditions of the Ikala STEM Essay Contest is available here.


1. High school: Becoming a Scientist: dreams and expectations.

2. Undergraduate: Empowering the Malagasy Women in STEM: Challenges & Opportunities.

3. Postgraduate: Malagasy Women in Science, is it a natural choice?

Language: French or English

Number of words:

1. High school: Maximum 500

2. Undergraduate and postgraduate: Maximum 750

Eligibility: The contest is open to all high school and university students (both female and male) based in Madagascar.

Submission end date: February 21, 2019 for mail submission and February 28, 2019 for online submission.

Entry procedure: We recommend the submission through the online form (Here). However, if the contestant cannot access the submission form, she/he can send it as a Facebook private message or email it to the organizers.

Online submission form:

Facebook: Ikala STEM

In case the contestant does not have any access to internet, the essay and a copy of an official identification from the school or student ID card can be sealed in an envelope and deposited or sent by mail to

Dr. Mireille Razafindranaivo at IOGA.

Laboratoire de Géomagnétisme et Électromagnétisme (LGE),

Institut et Observatoire de Géophysique d'Antananarivo (IOGA),

Ambohidempona, BP 3843, Antananarivo 101, Madagascar)


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