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The meaning of "Ikala STEM"

The new name Ikala STEM is considered to represent the essence and goals of our association. Ikala is a Malagasy word used to call a young woman. Therefore, it fits well with our vision of empowering the next generation of Malagasy women. Our association connects together Malagasy women interested and working in the STEM disciplines, STEM standing for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We opted for a Malagasy name in order to connect Malagasy Women in STEM all over the world. The new name Ikala STEM distinguishes our association from other Women in STEM associations around the world.

We thank Mialy Razanajatovo, the coordinator of our team in Europe, for this cool and meaningful new name.

Do not forget to follow us on our new facebook page and on twitter. Various projects are currently under preparation. Stay tuned!


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