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Photo contest: African Women in Science

Nantenaina Rindra Harilanto, the winner of the photo contest.

Ikala STEM organised a photo contest in December 2016 as its first  activity to publicize the association.  The competition was open to all Malagasy women between the age of 18 and  30.  With the theme " Women in Science at work ",  the participants had to send their pictures until the end of January 2017.

About 28 photos were received and 10 were short-listed.  The jury panel was composed of  permanent members who did not participate to the competition.

The winners of the competition were announced on the 11th February 2017, a way  for Ikala STEM to mark the International day of Women and Girl in Science. The first and second prizes were awared to Nantenaina Rindra Harilanto and Estelle Razanatsoa.


More photos are available in our gallery.

- Report written by Faniry Rahantamialisoa

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