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Primary school STEM awareness

We conducted a STEM career awareness on January 18 2017 in a public primary school in the District of Mahitsy, near the capital city Antananarivo. This half-day outreach themed "Et si je devenais scientifique?" or "And what if I became a scientist?" was organized in collaboration with "Projet Lovasoa"  a community-based programme led by Dr Rondro Randriamampionona.

A number of 45 pupils spent a joyful afternoon with the WiseMada team led by Zara Randriamanakoto. Loads of plays and interactive sessions were designed for the kids to become critical thinkers and for them to have interests in numbers and maths at an early age.  We ended the day with a distribution of school kits, and of course sweets and chocolates :).

That was just a beginning. Definitely, such a session should be run more often in many different primary schools all over the country if one wants to create a future generation of Malagasy scientists with a strong will and desire to excel and become successful in the field of Science.

- Report written by Zara Randriamanakoto


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